CBD and alcohol: what you need to know

CBD and alcohol: what you need to know

CBD has been invading every corner of the medical and cosmetic industries, so the next obvious step would be to conquer the alcoholic industry. Concerns for whether mixing CBD and alcohol is safe came up once people started taking CBD with alcohol to take the relaxation level up a notch.

Mixing CBD and alcohol

Although there is limited information on the topic of CBD in general because a lot of research is still going on, and even less in respect to the link between CBD and alcohol, it seems that the two do not interact in a way that would be detrimental to our health.

Both promote relaxation and encourage your body to unwind, and combining them may amplify this effect to the point of drowsiness and feeling a lot more relaxed than you usually would. Sedation may be a possible side effect but should not occur if you make sure to not take more of either CBD or alcohol than you can handle.

However, at higher doses, they could cause motor impairment as well as cognitive impairment. You can lose track of time because alcohol lowers your inhibitions and CBD helps you relax. Since both of them amplify each other’s effects, you need to be very careful when taking the two together.

No terrible side effects have been recorded with low doses so far. In fact, some studies actually suggest that CBD could help combat the negative side effects of alcohol, including by lowering the alcohol levels in your blood vessels. There have been studies in animals which show that CBD may help prevent alcohol induced damage to cells, too. Another benefit is that CBD might be helpful in preventing or lowering an alcohol addiction.

In short, research is still limited, but if you do decide to mix CBD and alcohol, it's best to stick to low amounts of both CBD and alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBD and alcohol modify each other’s effects?

Yes, when taken in a short time frame, about four to eight hours, both CBD oil and alcohol do tend to intermingle and give stronger effects than they would individually. You therefore need to make sure you’re taking a lower dosage of CBD if you plan on drinking anytime soon.

Is CBD addictive or is it safe for recovering alcoholics?

CBD has been proven to not be addictive and has shown promising signs for helping those trapped in their own addiction. It is definitely safe and will not trigger any addictive tendencies, but the proof of actively helping against it is still under scrutiny.

This was all you needed to know about CBD and alcohol. Moderation is key! It’s always best to stay on the safe side and take them together in low doses only. Obviously, if you’re taking CBD for medical reasons, make sure to talk about it with your doctor before combining CBD oil and alcohol.

TL;DR: Research on CBD and alcohol is currently limited, but it suggests that taking them together amplifies their respective effects. We therefore recommend opting for lower doses than you usually would if you pair them together. It seems that CBD could help alleviate the negative effects of alcohol, including addiction, which certainly has us excited, but studies are still in progress, so for now and as usual, moderation is key!

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