​CBD for Athletes – Pre and Post Workout Uses

​CBD for Athletes – Pre and Post Workout Uses

Cannabis users have been demonized for decades and unfairly categorized as slow, lazy, and unproductive. Former Heisman Trophy winner and one of the most explosive running backs of all time famously played into this stereotype, saying, “I got high and forgot I wasn’t supposed to get high.” However, now that cannabis use is more accepted and CBD is widely available, the world is rethinking the relationship between sports and the plant once viewed as a performance degrading substance.

Athletes at every level use CBD to speed up recovery, increase focus, and cope with the pressure of competition.

Professional Athletes Who Use CBD

Athletes performing at the highest levels are leading by publicly supporting CBD brands and using the products to gain a competitive edge. While THC is still widely banned from competition, most famously in Sha’Carri Richardson’s recent suspension #letherrun, THC-free CBD products are allowed in armature and professional competition.

Megan Rapinoe

Woman’s soccer star and social justice icon Megan Rapinoe is a strong advocate for CBD use. Rapinoe says that she sees a significant decrease in her mood and anxiety levels when she consistently uses CBD products versus when she isn’t. The USA soccer star revealed to Forbes that she uses CBD to help with pain, inflammation, improve her mood, and get quality sleep.

Bubba Watson

PGA legend Bubba Watson is one of the most visible CBD supporters on Earth. He famously wears his CBD sponsorship on his hat, helping spread awareness across the globe. As a professional athlete in his 40s, Bubba sees the importance of recovery and uses CBD to keep him competitive as he gets older. He told CNN, “So for me, it was about how I create longevity in the game of golf and spending time with my kids running around. CBD was easily a fit for me.”

Taking CBD off the Field

Everyone immediately associates CBD use on the field with treating sore muscles and joints. While CBD does help athletes worldwide speed up their recovery process, consistent CBD use can help reduce stress, leading to improved performance. Athletes are under a substantial amount of pressure even at the armature level. A daily dose of CBD can help athletes deal with stress while they aren’t on the field to put in 100% during competition.

Can CBD Give You Focus or a Boost of Energy?

CBD is also being used before workouts to increase focus and energy levels. While there isn’t any solid scientific evidence that CBD can help us focus or give us energy, countless anecdotal accounts suggest that CBD could be an excellent option to take as pre-workout.

Does CBD Make You Hungry?

CBD has the opposite effect on our appetite as its fellow cannabinoid THC. Scientists believe that the endocannabinoid system regulates hunger, and taking CBD can reduce cravings. CBD is perfect for taking in the morning while exercising on an empty stomach to help you get through your intermittent fasting and workouts.

Using CBD Balm for Pain Relief

Taking CBD post-workout is the most common use for athletes. Topicals like our 1000mg broad-spectrum CBD Balm can help with targeted pain and inflammation. Applying CBD topically allows you to send a concentrated dose directly to the source of pain.

When choosing a post-workout CBD balm, we suggest using a highly concentrated product. Our skin is less permeable than the mucosal glands in our mouth. Using a high dose ensures that you get enough CBD into your body to relax your muscles and soothe joints.

CBD Hemp Oil for Sale from Yesterday CBD

Utilizing CBD oil to combat stress, help get better sleep, and recover after workouts is becoming part of the daily routine for some of the most prominent athletes on Earth. However, you don’t need to be a World Cup Champion to benefit from the natural healing properties of CBD. Everyone experiences stress, pain and can benefit from better sleep.

Check out our full CBD line to see how our products can benefit your active lifestyle. Whether you are competing on the world stage or find yourself unable to walk after seven innings of softball, CBD can help you maximize your full athletic potential.